OATH token is now available on a number of different blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Metis, BNB Smart Chain, Fantom and Kava. The OATH tokenomics have been designed to prioritize long-term growth with a total token count of 400,000,000. This is the distribution of the 400,000,000 OATH:

  • 30% for incentives is equivalent to 120,000,000 tokens

  • 20% for the Liquidity Generation Event (LGE) is equivalent to 80,000,000 tokens

  • 13.7% for initial liquidity is equivalent to 54,800,000 tokens

  • 12.6% for vested allocations to contributors is equivalent to 50,400,000 tokens

  • 11.5% for attracting new talent is equivalent to 46,000,000 tokens

  • 8.8% for market making is equivalent to 35,200,000 tokens

  • 3.5% for marketing is equivalent to 14,000,000 tokens

It is important to note that tokenomics breakdown percentages can be subject to change as per the OATH Foundation’s or Governance decisions.

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