OATH Foundation

The OATH Foundation is the organization responsible for managing and developing the OATH Ecosystem. They provide funding and support for the development and maintenance of the protocols within the ecosystem. The OATH Foundation also works to create and maintain a transparent and decentralized governance process, working closely with experienced contractors to ensure that each protocol operates efficiently and securely.

OATH Values

It is important that every contributor believes in the core values because it ensures that all contributions align with the overall goals and vision of the OATH Ecosystem. This promotes the development and growth of the ecosystem, and helps to build trust and transparency with other members of the community.

  • Protecting & Securing: We stand guard over our community’s assets, implementing and maintaining robust security measures to protect them and maintaining the integrity of the ecosystem. Compliance with laws and regulations and following best practices for security and governance is important to us.

  • Decentralizing & Empowering: We are building a future where power is spread among all, by utilizing decentralized architecture that promotes a more secure, transparent and trustless ecosystem. Empowering users by providing them with more control over their assets and the ability to make informed decisions.

  • Inclusion & Fairness: We believe in an inclusive society where financial security is a human right, regardless of their location or socio-economic status. We are committed to developing and implementing solutions to make our products and services accessible to diverse users and creating fair opportunities for all users through transparent and decentralized governance and promoting a level playing field.

  • Passion & Hope: Driven by an unyielding passion for decentralized finance and blockchain, we bring hope to our community members for financial growth and freedom. Education is a gift which our community is always generous with. Always researching, developing and implementing new technologies and solutions to drive advancements in decentralized finance.

  • Trust & Empathy: We earn trust by being transparent in operations, decision-making and communication with the community. Building trust with our community by providing a secure and transparent infrastructure and fostering active community participation. Caring deeply about user experience and empathizing with their needs, wants and pain points.

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