Get Involved

A stakeholder can get involved in the OATH Ecosystem by participating in the governance process and submitting and voting on proposals, holding OATH tokens, and by contributing to the development of the ecosystem’s decentralized applications (dApps) such as Digit, Reaper Farm, and Ethos Reserve. In terms of governance, stakeholders can submit proposals for consideration to the Governance Proposal Review Committee (GPRC). They can also vote on proposals using the Snapshot tool. Contributors will always be available to help draft proposals and bring important developments to the community. Holding OATH tokens is also crucial for participation in the ecosystem, as it grants voting rights on governance proposals. Furthermore, stakeholders can contribute to the development of the ecosystem by providing suggestions, reporting bugs, and even developing new features or dApps, which can be integrated into the ecosystem. Here is a brief process for getting involved in the OATH ecosystem:

  • Learn about the OATH ecosystem: The first step in getting involved is to familiarize yourself with the goals and values of the ecosystem, as well as the existing protocols and products. You can find this information on the OATH Foundation’s website, as well as through reading the documentation for each protocol.

  • Acquire OATH tokens: Participating in the OATH ecosystem typically requires owning OATH tokens, which can be purchased on various exchanges or earned by using OATH applications.

  • Join the community: Get involved in the OATH ecosystem by joining the community, which can be found on various social media platforms like Discord and Twitter, and participate in discussions, ask questions, and follow updates.

  • Make a contribution: Once you’re familiar with the ecosystem and are a part of the community, you can start making contributions. This can include proposing new features or improvements, developing or auditing smart contract code, providing liquidity for protocols, or creating educational resources for the community.

  • Participate in governance: Token holders can participate in the governance process by voting on proposals to upgrade, improve, and expand the protocols.

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