Bonded OATH (bOATH)

Bonded Oath, or $bOATH, is both OATH and ETH, backed by a Balancer-powered 80/20 liquidity pool. $bOATH earns platform fees and benefits from trading fees generated by the OATH Ecosystem.

You can acquire bOATH by providing liquidity to the Bonded OATH Token pool on BeethovenX. The pool can be accessed via the Ethos UI or in the link below. Note that you will need to provide 80/20 OATH/wETH liquidity to the pool to mint bOATH.

Bonded OATH can be staked on Ethos to earn yield from ERN loan issuance fees and Redemption rewards.

bOATH holders will also gain exposure to all future OATH Chapter developments. The nature and details of the exposure (buybacks, airdrops, allocations) will be decided by governance on a case-by-case basis.

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