What is the OATH Ecosystem?

The OATH ecosystem is focused on providing sustainable and positive-sum infrastructure for decentralized financial markets, developing innovative protocols that aim to increase yield for users, reduce costs for developers, and minimize risk overall. The OATH token is a decentralized governance token used to manage the Reaper Farm, Ethos Finance, and Digit protocols as well as any future OATH ecosystem platforms.

Reaper Farm

Reaper is a yield aggregator that has been transformed into a highly secure asset management protocol, giving users the ability to generate yield without custodial risk. Reaper is powered by permissionless smart contract systems and managed by a network of algorithmic keeper infrastructure.

Ethos Reserve

Ethos Reserve is a highly efficient stablecoin system which can take on arbitrary collateral types and rehypothecate reserve assets with Reaper’s asset management technology, resulting in competitive interest rates, longer time horizons for liquidity providers, and more income for liquidity providers.


Digit is a protocol that aims to align incentives for DeFi liquidity providers and the protocols they use. Leveraging its unique accounting system, Digit can offer the market appreciation of a high convexity bond and the decreasing duration of a low convexity bond… without the bond.

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